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Summer skies

The day time sky offers much beauty and intrigue, particularly in Antarctica. Many of the optical phenomena can be seen all over the world by those with a little knowledge of what to look for and an interest in observing nature. But given the extreme physical conditions in Antarctica, there are a few things which are a little special and unique to places like this. As you can probably tell based on the content of my recent icy news article, for me it is a key aspect of the Antarctic experience. Now we are on the winter side of the equinox (this morning has been the coldest so far, -27.6C), I thought it would be a good time to put together my photos of the summer sky.

Approaching Davis, 1 Dec 2012

Approaching Davis, 1 Dec 2012

The oft quoted Albert Einstein talks about kindness, beauty, and truth. So with regard to the latter, during this post I’ll be sneakily diverging off on physics and weather tangents. As one of the dieso’s on base said, “I never thought I’d learn so much….” – neither did we, Aaron, neither did we. (With all his cheeky met bashing, I have to keep him honest sometimes!)

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