For general information see the main Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) page or the Icy news about Living at Davis, as well as the weather bureau (BOM).

Blogs from others at Davis in summer ’12/13

Jeff’s blog gives a great introduction to life on station, from a humorous angle.

From Jeff's blog

From Jeff’s blog

Goldy’s blog is really informative with great photography. Seems he is a repeat offender too…

Pat’s blog has some great photography too, he will be wintering with us. One of the most energetic guys on station and will no doubt be planning a climbing or 4wd adventure for his return.

If you know of any others let me know.

Davis weather

The weather at Davis, right now. The forecasting handbook is on my kindle for the long winter – forecasters use Visual Weather, the free AMPS, the daily trace, satellite pictures, and visual observations to make their forecasts.

Other Australian Stations

I met Leon during training, he returned from Macca (his blog here) and is now at Casey.

I met “bad weather” Barry the forecaster during training, he is going to Macca as an Observer.

General Antarctica


I first found this blog in the 1990’s. Guillaume Dargaud is a european climber and has a wealth of information on his pages.

Nita's blog

Nita’s blog

Nita’s blog has plenty of info of Scott base and surrounds (dry valleys, Ross ice shelf, etc).

… more to be added…

My other blogs

sharemyjoys blog

sharemyjoys blog

Put on your boots and go is my paragliding in the mountains blog. This season in Antarctica will be the first time I haven’t flown (paragliders) since 2007.

south america blog

south america blog

I have now revived my South America blog from my 2006/07 trip.


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